NMP Tee (Medieval Runes)
NMP Tee (Medieval Runes)
NMP Tee (Medieval Runes)

NMP Tee (Medieval Runes)

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NMP Tee (Medieval Runes) Tee (Unisex)

Our NMP (Medieval Runes) tees are ethically made using 100% organic cotton and have a tailored fit.

Mathias has translated the podcast name, Nordic Mythology Podcast, into Old Norse, and then into Medieval runes.

PLEASE NOTE - All items are Pre Order for the first 2 weeks (Jan 22nd - Feb 5th). At the end of the Pre Order period we will print all orders, and extras to keep in stock long term. We have decided to take the pre order route for this first collection whilst we gauge demand, and to ensure we have no waste!

  • It's Complicated in runes
  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Tailored fit
  • Unisex

Sizes (Chest)

  • XS- 46cm- 18"
  • Small- 49cm-19"
  • Medium- 52-20.5"
  • Large- 55cm 21.5"
  • XL- 58cm- 23"
  • XXL- 61cm- 24"
  • XXXL- 64cm- 25"

All measurements are in half chest. 

NMP Tee (Medieval Runes)